Sunday, November 18, 2012

Global warming is scientifically proven to be man-made

97% of climate scientists that man-made global warming is real. However, although experts overwhelming consensus, many Americans still doubt that human activity is to increase the global temperature.

Why is there such a gap between the professional meteorologists and the general population between the views? Probably because the average American does not see any significant changes in their daily weather days. It is still hot in summer and cold in winter. Any small overall temperature change is constantly changing weather, flooded. If the average temperature in the Idaho degrees over the course of 100 years () had not been notified. It is hard to believe that the earth is warming, if you feel it. However, the upward trend in temperature is occurring, and you do not have to be a climatologist to understand why.

The man-made global warming, the science behind it is very simple. Certain gases called "greenhouse gases", causing the atmosphere, like a blanket, absorbing heat from the sun, but do not let it out. In most cases, this is a good thing, because the atmosphere, the earth moon planets and sub-zero temperatures. However, if the additional greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide is released into the sky, blankets heavy greenhouse gases absorb more and more heat, because its growth.

Based on ice core studies, climate scientists have estimated that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the Ice Age is about 180-210 parts per million (ppm). Warm interglacial period, CO2 levels are higher in the 280-300 ppm. The correlation between CO2 and temperature is justified, because carbon dioxide is a powerful greenhouse gas. Our planet natural part of its specification glacial cycle.

Before the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is about 280 parts per million, one inter-glacial warm periods within average range. But now, due to the combustion of fossil fuels, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at 390 ppm. Within a short period of time, this is a very big change. This means that, in the past 300 years, we've raised the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so that pre-industrial levels, the difference between the current concentration is the difference between the pre-industrial levels, and the last ice age. It should not be a surprise, because of this, the global average temperature has increased by about one and a half degrees, since the industrial revolution. Will continue to rise, we will continue to pump more and more greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Is simple: basic science behind man-made global warming greenhouse gases warming the Earth. All the experts agree on this point, 97% of people believe that human-induced temperature rise by the combustion of fossil fuels. Most Americans agree, the their proportion increasing trend. Soon, this "debate" is almost not there. Whether scientists will convince the rest of skeptical, temperatures will rise significantly, no sane person can deny that it's happening.

I hope this will be the former, so that we can prevent the latter.

Anthony Machado is 23 years old, BS in Biology from Franciscan University.

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